We are Beewan

Who we are and what we're all about

We put brands in touch with people by telling stories, responding to emotions and perceptions, and developing unique experiences

Within the livecom domain, we take care of the overall process: from analysis, strategy, concept and design through to total implementation. To achieve the objective of creating brand experience and enhancing the impact and return, everything in the world of live communication is orchestrated down to the last detail: retail, interior, sports sponsorship, brand activation, events and trade show participations. Our project team consists of diverse specialists who can draw on a network of specialists for customized assistance.

Rob van Rijswijk

As a cast member in Disneyland, I saw at first hand that an experience only really works when people believe in it. At Organon (MSD) I learned that it is not about products but about people. I set up Beewan because I believe in people who are looking for collaborative relationships that transcend the level of products, costs and delivery times. Helping to make dreams come true is what I enjoy most of all.

Jan van Seventer

I always was an effect-fetishist, fascinated by people’s responses to the experiences we serve up to them. Trade shows are the ultimate testbeds for brands seeking to seduce and persuade their target group. Not everyone knows that or has that experience, so the best way of showing this is through evocative practical examples. Examples of hard results, spectacular creation and friends for life.

Mike Wieten

My passion is developing client wishes into tangible results, within the set budgets and other requirements. I always try to be part of the team instead of just a supplier. Drawing on my years of experience, I can see any potential risks well in advance. And as my second passion is organizing barbecues, you can count on me to turn every meaty challenge into a tasty opportunity.

Our partners

In a world of constantly advancing digitization, we believe in the power of physical face-to-face meetings. At physical places that tell stories and stimulate the senses. With images, sounds, smells and textures. Places only really come to life when they are infused with the soulful presence of people. That is why we believe in the power of meeting. Few things have a greater impact on us than a meaningful conversation with a fellow human being. 

We design places and orchestrate meetings. We believe in the power of collaboration. In free and organic exchanges of ideas and insights together with our partners and officemates DST - the experience agency and Sandenburg Concept Creation.


DST is the leading experience agency in the Netherlands. Back in 1986 DST started realizing meaningful experiences for brands, museums and ministries. Based on the conviction that experience triggers powerful communication effects – because if you experience a brand or theme, you understand and accept it faster, remember it better and quickly pass it on to five or ten people you know. That is the power of experience.


Sandenburg Concept Creation develops, designs and realizes innovative client experience concepts for food service, retail and public spaces. These concepts add value to their client’s activities and build valuable memories for them for the future.