Working methods

Together we make sure your ideas take flight


Together with management, sales, marketing and communication staff, we home in on the brand, the evolving market, ambitions, opportunities and threats. Beewan moderates and contributes years of knowledge and experience with hundreds of brands and businesses. The outcome of this first stage constitutes the plan of attack with concrete objectives.


Concept voor uw beursdeelname


The selected concept is then developed into a design. This stage is all about the spatial design of a trade show presentation, where identity, communication, interaction and functions are all brought together. In addition, complete campaigns can be set up for deployment before, during and after the event, with Beewan developing and directing every conceivable means of communication for your message: print, online, animation, film, the works.

Projectmanagement van uw beursdeelnames


Our tried-and-tested approach enables us to effectively implement trade show projects all over the world, including engineering, construction, logistics, AV and light technology, print, lead management, catering, installation and dismantling. During the preparations for projects, we explore various options such as local construction or in-house implementation. Pure cost considerations are the deciding factor in this case

Uitvoering van de beursdeelname

ROI and evaluation

Beewan’s evaluations go a lot further than measuring subjective feelings (“it really was pretty busy at times”) after a trade show. With the Beewan Return On Investment (ROI) Report, we are able to objectively assess a company’s results from a single trade show or yearlong multi-show programme. Besides providing insight into the relationship between investments and benefits, this report also identifies opportunities for improving the performance even further

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