Immersive trade show experience generates spectacular effect

PLAGRON - Green Sensation


Adapt the international campaign for Green Sensation to include a trade show presentation with the impact to reach the widest possible audience.


The marketing and communication team at PLAGRON came up with the Ball Pit concept, which was developed together with Beewan into a modular trade show experience. As you dive in, the green LED light engulfs you and for a moment you are immersed in the world of Green Sensation.


At trade shows throughout Europe, visitors queued up from start to finish and the slow-mo movies on Instagram/morethanabooster were shared on a massive scale. Diving in and experiencing the green sensation makes visitors more open to a conversation about the product.

As a proposition, Green Sensation is as solid as they come. But as a compelling narrative, it’s a little on the technical side for your average trade show visitor. They are mainly on the look-out for new developments and eager to have a fun day. Fun was what fuelled the creative idea behind the trade show experience that gives visitors an eye-catching encounter with Green Sensation.

PLAGRON produces an extensive range of high-quality substrates, basic nutrients and additives for cultivating plants and crops. These products suit every type of grower and guarantee the best cultivation performance. Plagron has now been a market leader for over 25 years. Green Sensation is an additive, a booster that guarantees a high yield. This powerful product has been specially developed for the last four to six weeks of the flowering phase. Its meticulous composition enables Green Sensation to provide all the nutrients a plant could need. It ensures exuberant fruit and flowering, a hard cell structure and the best taste.

The co-created ‘ball pit’ concept was therefore developed into a trade show campaign that starts with an immersive experience: visitors dive into a different world as they are engulfed by a brightly lit mass of green balls. Escapism is one of the cornerstones of a powerful experience and has certainly been successful in this case. Every dive is recorded in slow motion, posted directly on Instagram/morethanabooster and shared from there. 

Diving in opens people up to what Green Sensation has to offer – bringing human beings closer to what a plant experiences – and each slow-mo film shared is preceded by a short promo. The product’s four core characteristics are communicated at the stand, but also online. For the trade shows in Rome, Barcelona, ​​Prague and Berlin the campaign will be adapted to the local language. 

Once you have embraced the concept of a ball pit for adults, there are a few practical issues to be addressed. Safety, for one! Legal guidelines apply to the diameter and thickness of the balls. And a ‘lifeguard’ – recruited specifically in each country – must be on hand to show participants how to jump, give them instructions in their own language and intervene where necessary. The powerful LED lighting that gives the transparent balls their green glow is another key feature. The assembly and dismantling, the logistics and the forces unleashed when people dive in all call for painstaking engineering. PLAGRON itself handles the logistics, along with assembly and dismantling on location, so the process is a prime example of co-creation from start to finish. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to pay tribute to PLAGRON’s management team: it takes a bold vision to greenlight a trade show campaign like this one. It would be so much safer to stick to a conventional combination of product display and hospitality. But a ball pit? What if no one dares to jump? Or if the concept just doesn’t appeal to the target group? But this is not the company’s first effort to surprise visitors with a campaign that defies expectations. PLAGRON knows from experience that trade shows offer a terrific opportunity to really set yourself apart from the competition. No one ever took a giant leap forward by keeping both feet firmly on the ground!