For every 10 euros invested in trade shows, a return of 272 euros

VANRIET Material Handling Systems - Global exhibition program and ROI


How can we ensure that investments in trade show participations are earned back? 


Beewan has unique expertise and references when it comes to facilitating trade show participations with visible and higher effectiveness. The entire work process is designed to achieve this aim.


VanRiet knows exactly what the effectiveness of their trade shows is and, what’s more, has managed to lift that effectiveness to an impressive level.

The Beewan ROI Report is now integrated into VanRiet’s operational and management information systems: the trade show results can be viewed at any time with a simple mouse click. Beewan is strategically hooked up with the company, knows its ambitions and works as an extended team with the marketing communication people. Thanks to this proactive approach, we can help the company develop and grow. We hold preparatory sessions and develop tailor-made campaigns for key trade show participations. VanRiet listens very carefully to its market, keeps close track of developments and, as a result, puts on an extremely good performance at trade shows. The investments for the worldwide trade show programme are earned back no less than 27.2 times on average. An outstanding achievement that we are extremely proud of! 

Want to know more about our ROI reporting or trade show strategy in practice? Call or email us for a presentation based on cases, without any obligation whatsoever. Alternatively, check the workshop calendar for a session with your colleagues.